The Great White House - Whale watching and shark cage diving safaris in Gansbaai - The Capital of the Great White shark African cottage-style accommodation, superb food, whale watching
and Great White shark cage diving tours make the Great White House
the ideal destination for extreme adventure tourists and marine lovers
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Why do people come to Gansbaai?

Great White Sharks
Every year between 25 000 - 30 000 tourists visit Gansbaai or more specifically Dyer Island (only 20 min. by boat from Kleinbaai) to encounter the Great White shark. The reason why so many sharks patrol the waters around the island is because of the 50 000 strong Cape fur seal colony on the nearby Geyser rock - seals are after all the white shark's main food source. Shark-viewing can be done from a boat (because white sharks feed at the surface). However, the ultimate experience undoubtedly is to come eye to eye with these awesome animals by submerging in a steel cage.

Planning a SHARK DIVE?

  Option A
  • Book your accommodation in Cape Town.
  • Get up at five o'clock in the morning.
  • Drive for 2 hours with minibus/taxi or own transport.
  • Upon arrival get on the shark boat and return after +/- 5 hours at sea.
  • Hurry back to Cape Town to miss the rush-hour traffic.

There is nothing wrong with this way of operating. It is however very tiring especially when no sharks were seen (Believe me, it does happen occasionally - sharks do not take bookings!)

  Option B
  • Book your accommodation at the Great White House in Kleinbaai - "white shark capital of the world".
  • Arrive late afternoon 16:00 - 17:00 (transport can be arranged).
  • After your wake-up call at 08:00 breakfast will be served and your boat will depart at 9:30.
  • For tourists that are not used to the sometimes "choppy" Atlantic Ocean, five hours at sea might be too long. A shuttle boat can be arranged to collect "sea-shaken passengers" from the shark boats.
  • The shark boats normally return at around 14:00.
  • Take a shower and have something for lunch before you start with the rest of your journey.

This option is known as the complete shark experience and is a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience than Option A

Shark charters normally spend 3-4 hours out at sea and include all diving equipment, soft drinks and snacks on the boat.

Often tourists are not used to the motion of the choppy Atlantic Ocean and may fall victim to sea-sickness.

High season for sharks is June - November
Low season is December - February
Average season is March - May

For more information and booking details please visit Shark Watch South Africa

* Remember - Anybody can do cage diving - you do not need a scuba qualification!


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